January 25, 2022
Vashikaran Puja for Marriage

Vashikaran Puja for Marriage – Kamdev Vashikaran Puja (101% Working)

Vashikaran Puja for Marriage: Vashikaran puja is something that Indians do to invoke the supernatural power to get rid of any problem. The astrologers, pandits, and tantriks perform vashikaran puja rituals. These days it is becoming all the more popular due to the positive results that people are getting. A vashikaran puja vidhi is a tantric technique to subdue someone just to fulfill one’s desire, which the person cannot achieve easily. 

If you want success in your business and earn a lot of money or in life and be happy then you should perform this puja. Vashikaran puja works really well by giving results instantly to any kind of trouble and it is easy to perform. The spells of a vashikaran puja are very powerful and throughout the country it takes place. However, the vidhi of doing this puja may differ from case to case.

Vashikaran Puja for Marriage

Powerful Vashikaran Puja for Marriage

Is your daughter not getting married or is she not happy in her married life? Then you should take the help of an astrologer and ask him to do a vashikaran puja. Astrologers are capable of doing this puja, and once the puja is over you will see positive changes in her life. As a mother, you will be surprised to see that your daughter is getting many marriage proposals and if she is facing any kind of problem in her husband’s house that will come to an end.

Kamdev vashikaran puja

This puja helps to get the woman that you want. Yes, men of India support this puja and they do it to bring the lover in his control. It is very difficult to tame a few wives, husbands try their best in several ways but they fail. This is when a husband should perform a kamdev vashikaran puja. Kamdev is the lord of love and if you can please him he will give you what you want. Once this puja is over you will see that your wife is listening to you and no one else. She is spending more time with you and doing everything that you want her to do.

Dashansha Homan

Homan is another powerful vashikaran puja to get the person you love. There can be fights between a husband and wife, and either one decides to move apart, this is something the other person does not want. So, the other half should do this ancient ritual to bring back the husband. 

Here is a list of reasons why one can perform the Dashansha Homan puja are: –

  • Attract the desired person
  • Solve the problem between two people
  • End of husband and wife’s fight
  • To ignite the feeling of love in someone else’s heart

When to do this puja?

  • Every puja has a particular time, and place, you cannot perform the puja anytime you want to.
  • You should take your bath before performing this puja.
  • A woman should not perform this puja during her periods, as periods are auspicious.
  • The right time for Homan is early morning before the sun rises.
  • You should do this puja in an open space where there is a constant flow of air. You can select your home’s terrace, playground, or a park.
  • You should perform the puja, keeping the situation of the person in mind.

 Ingredients you need for this puja are: –

  • 4 pieces of camphor
  • 20 grams of sandalwood
  • Ghee of cow’s milk
  • A white paper
  • Glass of water
  • A red pen
  • A match box
  • the photo of the desired person
  • A waste paper basket to throw the wastes that you will get after the puja

How to perform this puja for the person you desire?

You have to wake up early morning and then take your bath. Then go to any secluded place where no one can see you. After reaching there you need to sit down for the puja, now take the white paper and write the name of the person you want 199 times with a red pen. Then fold the paper 5 times so make it small and then tie a black thread on it. Finally, read this mantra 21 times. 

The Danshansh Mantra:


Now that you know the vashikaran puja process, stop being sad anymore. By now you know what to do, instead of regretting in later years why you do not have a particular person or thing perform the ritual and have it forever. Kindly do not think that there is no vashikaran puja to your problem. Every problem has a puja but you have to get in touch with our astrologer, tantric, or guruji to know the right procedure.

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