January 25, 2022
Mantra to Break Black Magic

Mantra to Break Black Magic in 1 Day (100% Working)

Mantra to Break Black Magic: Do you feel that the person with whom you are close or is changing? Had this particular person been behaving in a weird manner with you for some time? If so then be sure he is under some Black Magic. Try to chant a mantra to make break black magic. These mantras are very strong and they can easily bring out the victim and put him back to his normal stay. 

The person who is under black magic does not understand whereas his neighbors suffer the most. There can be many reasons to put one under control through black magic. The victim will behave differently like he will not believe the person who used to, will put up a fight easily, and so on. The person’s health will become bad continuously, he will be sad or angry most of the time. If this continues for days then things will become difficult for the family members plus the victim as well. 

One can always call goddess kali to protect the victim. In fact, if you love the victim and want him to be the way he was then start offering to goddess kali or hanuman ji. Visit a kali mandir or a hanuman mandir every week. Pray for the victim if possible, take the victim with you to the problem. Maybe you do not know the mantras or procedure of the puja well, you can first start by offering them a red hibiscus daily. If you want the work to happen really fast then visit a vashikaran specialist, he will provide you a kali mantra to destroy black magic or a hanuman mantra to break black magic. 

A vashikaran specialist is someone who is in this field for years and he knows the right procedure and how to call upon the god and goddess. Share the problem with him, then he will tell you what to do, how to do and when to do it, you just need to follow his words carefully. Never doubt his skills then you will not get what you want. Believe in his words and follow him then only you can protect the victim.

Mantra to Break Black Magic


You need to chant this mantra 21 times continuously. While chanting the 5 fingers of the victim should be inside a copper utensil or copper Kalash filled with water. Do this ritual for a week and be ready to see the change in the affected person. 

It is true that Hanuman ji solves all the problems of his devotees, so have faith in him, tell him the problem in your mind, he will surely help you. There is nothing that is not possible for a hanuman ji to do, he helps everyone who puts trust in him. You can also buy a picture of Hanuman ji and keep it in your house or in the room of the victim, slowly the power of the black magic will diminish. 

  • Kali mantra to remove black magic from the victim
  • Many people go wrong while chanting this mantra and they repent later. Read the points carefully and do it properly. 
  • First, start chanting the name of the goddess from a Tuesday
  • Keep chanting 108 times
  • Sit on an ‘asan’ and face the west side
  • Get a black rosary and chant it 3 times every day, without a miss
  • Wear jet black clothes while performing it

Shiva Mantra to Destroy evil

There can be anyone from your family or among friends who have hired a black magic specialist to destroy you. Maybe he or she cannot see your happiness or richness, if you feel that you are not getting positive vibes from a particular person then kindly stay away from him or her. You do not have time to waste by being sad or sick. Lead a happy life, keep praying to god every night before going to bed then you will see your life is beautiful. 

Back magic still exists these days also, people suffer from it. Sadly, many people do not understand that someone is doing this magic on them and some can understand. Most of the time people who are around the victim can understand the problem, they can identify it easily. 

Just remember that black magic does not have good intentions, it never leads to something positive. If you find someone suffering from back magic and cannot come out from it then kindly go and help him. Take him to a kali mandir and perform rituals as the priest suggests. Once the magic starts working it will leave a hazardous effect on the person so kindly do not let your near and dear one suffers from it.

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